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On Martial Arts & Marriage

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Every weekend morning, my husband kisses my son and I goodbye to pursue a long-time hobby of his: martial arts. He’s been into his training for a couple of years now. It’s a Saturday morning routine I know not to combat with. It is, after all, a passion of his. Kali Basic Knife Sparring: Guro […] Read more…

Carl and Ellie: An Awesome Love Story

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One of the best love stories was told in less than 5 minutes: Carl and Ellie Fredricksen, from Pixar’s UP. Making a home together. Photo credit: Fanpop In old age, Carl seems to be just another grumpy old man. When you learn about the love of his life though, you get to see the man […] Read more…

Couple theme songs: Keeping the love alive

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Random question from my husband, on our drive to work: Husband: “Wifey, what was your theme song with your first boyfriend?” Me: (thought balloon: Where is this coming from?) “Till Death Do Us Part by White Lion. Ironically.” Husband: “What about your other boyfriends?” Me: “Wala! None! Why are you asking me this?” Husband: “Nothing. […] Read more…

When hope comes alive

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Back in 2005, my husband and I didn’t have a child. We both wanted one, but the road to having a baby was a tough one. In that same year, we bought a Jimmy Neutron doll. Jimmy Neutron is a character from Nickelodeon. He’s a genius little kid who loves to invent things and hang […] Read more…

You know me so well

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Husband: “What do you want for breakfast?” Me: “I’m good; no need.” Husband: “No, you need to eat.” (heads towards McD’s drive-thru) Me: “I’ll have a Sausage McMuffin.” Husband: “Pfft. You need rice.” Me: “I won’t be able to finish it!!!” Husband: “Let’s get you the longganisa meal.” Me: “No I don’t like longganisa today.” […] Read more…

10 life lessons from 10 years of marriage

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Leave the room looking neat and a little more organized. Remember that you’re playing on the same team. Just because you’re parents it doesn’t mean you stop being husband and wife. Be each other’s biggest health coach. Keep laughing together. Take pictures together. Forgive and move forward. Keep your voice down. Cuddle. Do new things […] Read more…

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