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Fun with felt

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Upon seeing this little felt learning pack at National Bookstore, I knew my son was going to enjoy it! You could rearrange and stick felt pieces on the felt board to create different fun scenes. Timmy got on it right away, peeling off the felt pieces gently. Then he eagerly placed the pieces back on […] Read more…

Raising a bookworm

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Raising a bookworm? This is what happens! On a car ride home with my sister: Timmy: Book! (Pointing out the window) My sister: Where? Timmy: There! (Pointing at the giant Globe Facebook ad outside Trinoma) Ninang: Ah ok. That’s Facebook. Timmy: B-O-O-K spells book! Facebook… Let’s go Facebook! He thought it was a bookstore! He […] Read more…

Kids say the darndest things

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Kids say the darndest things. It was bedtime. The lights were out. Timmy had his head on my tummy and was pinching my tummy skin lovingly. “Mommy tummy pweedoh,” he said in the dark. “Guido?,” I asked, wondering if he was talking about one of the Cars characters. “PWEYdoh!,” he repeated, pinching my skin some […] Read more…

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