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Build blog connections with NuffnangX

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It’s always a treat to find a good read online. There are some blogs that you visit once or twice, but there are some blogs that make you linger. I love chancing upon good blog reads. It’s wonderful when a blogger’s voice resonates with you. That’s one way I’ve kindled friendships online. There’s an app […] Read more…

The Toy Kingdom Toy Expo 2012 Kick-Off!

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Toy Kingdom = FUN! The Toy Kingdom family held an event last August 22nd to kick off their 2012 Toy Expo. There were lots of people from various publications, channel networks, media suppliers and of course, bloggers! Before the event proper, guests were served cocktails while waiting outside the event area. Yum! The event kicked […] Read more…

Inspiration Sunday: Cute Food

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Food is yummier to eat when it looks cute. Then again, it could be too cute to eat. I guess it would depend on how much rumbling your tummy is doing! Happy Sunday! Sources: Pinterest. Observando. littlebearawr. hallucinate. an_pics. justbesplendid. justbesplendid. huffmans. inku-loves-you. observando. i-whipmyhair. Read more…

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