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Friendship across the miles

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Writing letters was one of my hobbies as a kid. I loved writing so much I had more than 100 penpals at one time. I still have some of their letters! My penpals’ ages ranged from ten years younger than me to ten years older. One of the thrills of having penpals was mail waiting […] Read more…

The Accidental Mug Collection

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“What you gonna do with all that mugs, all that mugs inside that trunk? I’ma get, get, get, get, you drunk, Get you love drunk off my mugs. My mugs (8x), My lovely little mugs, Check it out.” Sorry Black Eyed Peas! I couldn’t resist. Now that this morning’s sugar high has worn off, let […] Read more…

All cute and cozy

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Welcome to my newly decorated abode. Isn’t it awesome? There’s my virtual pet fish, my cup of tea, my journal and oh, me with two of my favorite activities: daydreaming and writing! I have a very talented woman to thank: Kala. She’s a joy to work with, immensely talented, playfully creative and a fantastic visionary. […] Read more…

Gumamela Dreaming

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When we were kids, my cousins and I would pick gumamela leaves from our grandparents’ backyard and mash them with a stone. We’d mix them in a little pail with some detergent and water. Why gumamela leaves? I think it was to make the bubbles last longer. Then we’d take a stalk from the kamias […] Read more…

2 Stories and 1 Question

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Serendipity. This is defined as “making fortunate discoveries by accident.” November’s topic for Blogkadahan was on this beautiful word (and it’s my favorite word too!). This is my entry. And ooh trivia. Wanna know where the word serendipity came from? Check this out. Caldereta. Coming from my entry for Lasang Pinoy 4, my Mom and […] Read more…

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