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Toni Tiu YBWM

Hello! If you love to eat ice cream for breakfast, create animals out of soap bubbles, experiment with food or go for bubble tea runs in the middle of the day, you and I will get along well. Come subscribe to my newsletter!

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This started out at as a blog to help newlyweds adjust to married life. Wifelysteps.com has evolved along with my life. I blog about the following themes:

About me

Baby time
One of my favorite pictures of my son (and myself).
Taken in Feb. 2011.

If you still want to know more about me, here are 37 random things about me.

  1. I turn 37 this year.
  2. I’d very much like to be a WAHM again.
  3. My favorite Christmas tree decorations are my son’s toys.
  4. My ultimate relaxation: Playing The Sims 3 undisturbed. Quite a challenge.
  5. I dream of going to New York City. Someday. Someday.
  6. My favorite color is blue even if this blog is mostly tangerine.
  7. I love to read cookbooks, but haven’t cooked in ages.
  8. Not cooking for ages is a mixture of laziness and a lack of talent. So we eat out.
  9. My goal this 2014 is to read 75 books. (Reached my 50 book goal last year! Woohoo!)
  10. Writing a book is on my bucket list but I’m unsure where to begin.
  11. I want to adopt an olive oil tree.
  12. My best teacher is my four-year-old.
  13. I was the president of the Visual Arts Club when I was a high school senior even if I didn’t (and still don’t) draw very well.
  14. Communication Arts was my course of choice upon entering university, but shifted to Business Management.
  15. I now work in a Communications Arts-related field. But I want to try a career path in a people-oriented field soon.
  16. When I was a kid, I dropped a santol on my younger sister’s head to see if it would bounce. What happened? The santol bounced, and my sister got mad.
  17. I’m not an outdoors person, but I force myself to be one so my son gets exposed to the outdoors more.
  18. Driving scares the hell out of me.
  19. I can’t ride a bike.
  20. I miss being a work-at-home-Mom even if I practically didn’t have time for myself anymore.
  21. I’m still in touch with my penpal from Bulgaria. We’ve been corresponding since I was 14. We’ve graduated from snail mail to e-mail to Facebook messages. We have never met in person.
  22. My husband and I don’t have a shared hobby except for gaming. Then again, we like different games so we don’t even play together!
  23. My favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle is Raphael.
  24. I wear 3 rings — my wedding ring, engagement ring, and my independence ring.
  25. The best movie ever is Monsters University because it’s the first movie we watched as a family — my husband, myself and my son.
  26. I can’t sleep with the light on.
  27. When I was younger, I wish I were named Michelle because Toni sounded like a boy’s name. I learned to love my name in high school, when my closest friends assured me it was cool.
  28. If I had to choose between reliving my days in high school or college, I’d choose college.
  29. My ideal married couple would be my grandparents.
  30. My nicknames include Wifey, Tones, Toni Girl, and once upon a time, Ambo.
  31. I wish I were taller.
  32. I believe in destiny.
  33. Growing old freaks me out a bit.
  34. I used to hate eating alone, but now I enjoy solitary eating.
  35. I’ve never done any of these 22 things.
  36. When I was a kid, my Dad always asked me and my sisters, “Are you happy?” We’d always answer and I’d often wonder why he kept asking us that. Now I find myself asking Timmy “Are you happy?” occasionally, and now I know why my Dad kept asking.
  37. I think Lucy and Charlie Brown get married when they grow up.

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