3 Steps to a Better Me


“You’re a gift from God. You owe it to yourself to constantly improve yourself.”

Wise words from a friend. It was mentioned so casually during a breakfast conversation but it hit me really hard.

I have decided to:
a) Stop cursing. Being in the advertising industry has influenced me to curse every now and then (haha!), so I will avoid all temptation and all impulses to say the F and the S word.
b) Get my poems together. The idea of a book has always been in my head. I have the title in my head, a bit of the layout, but that’s it… it’s all in my head. I already know the steps on how to publish a book, hopefully I see it through.
c) Read more. The more you read, the wider your vocabulary gets. More wisdom from the same friend. I’ve bought a lot of books and magazines over the past months, but never had enough time to read them all. I will try to read more and watch TV less.

I know I have to do a lot more, but hey, I’m taking baby steps. These are my April resolutions. I know! I’ll have a monthly resolution thing. Yeah, that’ll be a good reminder. :)

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