Is okra an aphrodisiac?

Photobucket“Did you know okra is an aphrodisiac?,” my friend asked over lunch. All of us at the table went, “No way!” It was the first time I heard about it. Okra? One of the most-hated vegetables, is an aphrodisiac? Interesting. Here are some of my theories why okra is a vegetable of hot lovin':

1. It’s sticky and slimy. Maybe that texture makes it appealing in a sexual way. Maybe.
2. Its long, slim shape. Two things here: it either resembles a penis or fingers (it’s called “lady fingers” in English, right?). So maybe that resemblance to those, well, erogenous zones could be the reason.

And then, there’s the fact that okra is “rich in Magnesium, is a natural relaxant and contains Iron, Folates, Zinc and Vitamin B, all food for the sexual glands.” (source)

It’s also said that okra is most potent as an aphrodisiac when prepared (steamed or blanched) and served with lemon juice. So maybe instead of chocolate and oysters, you and your partner can have a sexy dinner of steamed okra. Give that much-hated vegetable some attention!

As I said, those are my theories. They have yet to be proven. Ha! Stories would help. Have you heard of this before? Is it true? Enlighten us!

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G4 visits the set of Twilight gives us a peek at their exclusive set visit for “Twilight” and shows us behind-the-scenes stuff plus some interviews with Catherine Hardwicke (director), Wyck Godfrey (producer), Andy Cheng (Second Unit Director/Stunts) and Robert Pattinson (♥ Edward ♥). Video after the jump!

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There is no love in laundry

PhotobucketH (in the living room, watching TV): Wifey!
Me (in the bedroom, folding clothes): Yes?
H: Can you stay here first?
Me: I’m doing the laundry!
H: But the laundry doesn’t have feelings!

Truer words could not have been said.

Do you know who this is?

My friend Gizmo

Twilight Madness: Robert writes Bella’s lullaby, talk of their chemistry and more

PhotobucketWoah. I wonder if the folks at Twilight Lexicon ever sleep. They’re doing a super amazing job keeping Twilighters at the edge of their seats. Would you like to see videos of:

Robert Pattinson talking about possibly composing Bella’s lullaby? Definitely a possibility given that he’s quite the musical guy.
Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson talking about how they prepared for their lovey-dovey roles? Damn, the chemistry between those two is so palpable. Loved how she brushed a speck of dirt (I think that’s what it was) off Robert Pattinson’s face. Eeeeh. “Yummy.”
—-> And I just have to say, Larry Carroll of MTV, YOU ROCK. Thanks for all these great interviews. You dazzle us.
Taylor Lautner being interviewed in a limo? This guy is so cute. Love him for Jacob. Yezzz. For the win.

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