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There is no love in laundry

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H (in the living room, watching TV): Wifey! Me (in the bedroom, folding clothes): Yes? H: Can you stay here first? Me: I’m doing the laundry! H: But the laundry doesn’t have feelings! Truer words could not have been said. Read more…

Twilight Madness: Robert writes Bella’s lullaby, talk of their chemistry and more

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Woah. I wonder if the folks at Twilight Lexicon ever sleep. They’re doing a super amazing job keeping Twilighters at the edge of their seats. Would you like to see videos of: Robert Pattinson talking about possibly composing Bella’s lullaby? Definitely a possibility given that he’s quite the musical guy. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson […] Read more…

One foot in front of the other

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I miss running. In college, my Dad would drop me off at school on his way to work. Since he’d go to work at 7.30 am, I was usually in school by 6.30. Classes didn’t start till 9 and my friends knew better than to wake up early just to meet up with me. So […] Read more…

Steamed buns filled with…?

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Can you guess what these steamed buns were filled with? It looked like this: I have no idea what it was, but it was delicious! It tasted like custard. Sweet, sticky custard. But I’m not sure. It was a tasty treat served to us in a restaurant in Hong Kong. Why it didn’t occur to […] Read more…

Meet the characters from the Twilight movie

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Twilighters, be prepared to fall off your seats. Here are interviews with the major characters, plus stunts and other behind-the-scenes footage that will make you wish December 12 wasn’t so far away. Four minutes of awesome footage from Summit Production. MTV Music Videos MTV Shows Entertainment News If you can’t view the above video, try […] Read more…

Home is where the family is

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What do you do when you’re sick and alone? What do you do when your husband is on a business trip and you’re left to your own sniffles? What do you when you feel the walls of your home closing down on you even if the alone time was initially welcomed? You go home. To […] Read more…

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