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A Father Films His Baby Every Day for a Year

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A father films his baby every day for a year and produces this heartwarming video. We often say “our kids are growing up so fast!” and so we try to chronicle their years through pictures and videos. One father, English photographer and video blogger Sam Cornwell, documented every single day of his newborn son’s life. […] Read more…

Mondays are the hardest

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It’s been two months since I returned to full-time work. There are times when it’s easy to get out of bed, say goodbye to my sleeping boy and be one with the morning rush. There are times when it’s immensely difficult, when I’m already at my desk and I just want to burst into tears. […] Read more…

The Rug Pull

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The Rug Pull: When you’re thrown off your feet unexpectedly because the rug was pulled out from under you forcibly, suddenly. This is often met with a thump of the butt on the floor with a “Holy crap, that hurt!” or you’re also knocked out of your senses, feeling like you hit your noggin as […] Read more…

Kids come first

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Choose the kids first. Always, always, always. ***** Source: via Toni on Pinterest ***** Timmy’s pulling on my arm, directing me to sit on the floor with him. I’m going “Wait, baby! I’ll just finish this report!” He doesn’t take that as an answer and tugs on me more strongly. I press one last […] Read more…

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