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Raising a Compassionate Child

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Raising a compassionate child

I worked from home a few weeks ago because my son was sick. That morning, while I was on my laptop, my 5-year-old suddenly sprang up from the couch and began running. “Where are you going?!,” I asked, worried. “To the kitchen!,” he replied. “I’m going to make Mommy coffee!” And HE was the sick one!

I look at Timmy and wonder, “What have we been doing that made him so compassionate?” Several things come to mind on how to raise a compassionate child. Read more…

The Good Wife’s Guide

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The Good Wife's Guide

If I had my way, I’d totally want to have the home spick and span for my husband when he’d come home from work, complete with a hot meal and all. I’d even fix him his favorite drink — a welcome home smoothie perhaps. But as for the other points, not so much. I’m thankful that I live in a time that’s more open and empowering for women, and at the same time, one that doesn’t frown upon men being more domesticated too! Read more…

Delight in the moment

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What’s the difference between time flying by and time creeping by? Delight. When you’re in the moment, engaged in delight, everything has a purpose. Everything feels like it matters more. Read more…

Morning Quiet

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Morning Quiet with my Son

There is a lull in the day that I particularly enjoy. It’s not the pause that comes from a busy day. It’s not the afternoon slowdown as we move on to siesta. It’s the quiet that comes upon waking up, the happy silence shared between father, mother and son, as they relish the tangle of blankets and pillows around them. It’s the morning quiet. Read more…

Parenting in Progress

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Parenting in Progress

There are times when I wonder if I’m a good enough parent. I’m not around as much as I want to, and when I am around, I’m not always “present” present. Distractions still get the better of me, and I’m left at the end of the day kicking myself in the shins because it could have turned out better. Then after self-pity mode, I get myself together and embrace what’s there before me — there’s still time to do things better, time to make time. Read more…

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