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Waking Up Together

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Waking up together would be lovely. Can a working Mom handle it? It’s all about perspective. After spending 4 days at home with my 4-year-old (stayed home on Friday to care for my sick son, then there was the weekend, and then a replacement leave for Monday), it was time for me to go back […] Read more…

Play with the Sun

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“Mommy, look!” One of the beautiful things about having a child at home is you’re reminded to look at life with wonder. The afternoon sun was lighting up one part of the house. The orange floor was lit up by the sun’s rays and I thought it was beautiful, then headed on to do my […] Read more…

Painting with Cars

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{Fun afternoon activity} Painting with cars is good fun! My boy prefers to play with cars than sit down for arts and crafts, so why not make a match? One Sunday afternoon we did some painting with cars. {Pick your wheels and paint away!} All you’ll need are paints (we used acrylics), a paintbrush, paper […] Read more…

Our Nighttime Lego Ritual

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LEGO is a big part of Timmy’s childhood. He plays with both the big blocks and what we call the “big boy blocks” – the regular-sized Lego pieces. We mix up playtime with both and it’s always a lot of fun. One bedtime ritual we enjoy is playtime to wind down. LEGO is also a […] Read more…

Playing with Powder

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Timmy: “Mommy, Timmy put powder on hands.” Me: “Okay.” I knew there was a bottle of baby powder by the bed, so I let Timmy open it and powder himself. It was a pretty hot day. After he asked permission to “put powder on hands”, I began wondering why he was so quiet. I looked […] Read more…

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