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2015 FLEX, ALC, LEAP Schedules

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My LEAP Batch: LEAP 61 Wholehearted

Ready to embrace your greatness this 2015? Here is the calendar for a series of workshops I took part of last year that have made a significant impact on my life. You can take the journey a workshop at a time. I highly encourage you to take all three workshops — it’s an amazing experience that will make you feel more empowered, inspired, overall — a greater you. Read more…

Begin Again: Thoughts on the Movie

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One my favorite movies this year.

Begin Again is a musical comedy-drama starring Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo. Keira Knightley plays a singer-songwriter who is discovered by a down and out record label executive (Mark Ruffalo). They collaborate to produce an album in an unconventional yet authentic way. Here’s why I loved the film! Read more…

Dead Poets Society: All-time Favorite

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Knox Overstreet

Dead Poets Society is by far the best movie I’ve seen. I was in high school, just like the main characters in the film. I was a bit lost, just like the main characters. I wanted to do so many things but didn’t know how, just like them. To conform or to stand out was a running theme during my time in high school, just like in the movie. Read more…

20 Years of Friendship

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20 Years of Friendship

20 years of friendship. I remember the first time I met each member of my college barkada (circle of friends). It mostly during freshman year orientation, with most of us coming from the same homeroom or the same course. We were all strangers but gravitated towards each other naturally. We were all a little nerdy, a little bit geeky, a little bit sarcastic. We all shared the same humor. We loved the same songs. Within a month, our group was formed. Who would’ve thought that in June 1994, this band of guys and girls would stay strong and connected through 20 years. It’s a beautiful blessing. Read more…

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