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New York Dreaming: My dream Airbnb Listing

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NEW YORK has always fascinated me. It’s a dream destination of mine. Hollywood has played a big part in shaping my perception of the city. Most of my favorite TV shows are set in New York – Felicity. How I Met Your Mother. Friends. The Mindy Project. When my friends talk about their NYC trips, I grab some chips and just let them do the talking while I munch dreamily on my food. I’ve written about my desire to experience autumn in new york and my infatuation with the city. So when I learned about this Nuffnang and AirBNB contest, I just had to join it! The mechanics were simple: Choose a listing on Airbnb that you’d want to stay in, and share why you want to stay there. There was no question about the Airbnb listings I’d want to explore – they’d all be set in New York! Read more…