Get A Move On this 2015


Get A Move On 2015 Calendar

Get a move on! My planner’s kinda bossy. There’s this lady with her finger pointing outward, as if she’s telling me to quit doodling on my planner and start making things happen. “Chill, lady!,” I want to tell her. But I bought the planner anyway, inspired by her call to action. This planner reminded me of a line from The Artist’s Way.

“Lord, take care of the quality and I’ll take care of the quantity.”
– Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way

When I first came upon that line, I couldn’t understand it. I really couldn’t. “Shouldn’t God take care of the quantity because we’re asking for abundance?,” I asked myself. “And I’ll take care of the quality because it’s how I’m doing it?”

That quote really confused me. It was only after I saw this line a few paragraphs later that I understood it.

“Leap, and a net will appear.”

Just do it. Move. Show up. Get a move on.

Isn’t that how opportunities open up to us? We take a step forward, and with one foot in front of the other, keep moving towards new spaces, new places, new experiences. Nothing will come out of waiting for the best time, the right time. Sometimes you have to show up more, to say ‘Yes’ more, to simply take the leap.

That’s why I love my planner. Sure, she looks kinda bossy, but it’s a tangible reminder for me to try new things more often, to show up and share my significance, to simply, quite simply, get a move on.

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