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Artist’s Prayer

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The Artist's Way

The Artist’s Way is a book by Julia Cameron, and it’s also a course in discovering and rediscovering your creative self. The book shares that creativity is linked to spirituality. One activity is writing your Artist’s Prayer, which took me several weeks to even begin writing. One morning, the inspiration just came to me. I grabbed my pen and paper and the words started flowing. Out came a prayer I resonated with, written genuinely from my heart. I’m sharing it with you. Read more…

Get A Move On this 2015

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Get a Move On!

Get a move on! My planner’s kinda bossy. There’s this lady with her finger pointing outward, as if she’s telling me to quit doodling on my planner and start making things happen. “Chill, lady!,” I want to tell her. But I bought the planner anyway, inspired by her call to action.  Read more…