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20 Years of Friendship

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20 Years of Friendship

20 years of friendship. I remember the first time I met each member of my college barkada (circle of friends). It mostly during freshman year orientation, with most of us coming from the same homeroom or the same course. We were all strangers but gravitated towards each other naturally. We were all a little nerdy, a little bit geeky, a little bit sarcastic. We all shared the same humor. We loved the same songs. Within a month, our group was formed. Who would’ve thought that in June 1994, this band of guys and girls would stay strong and connected through 20 years. It’s a beautiful blessing. Read more…

Friends for inspiration

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This post is for my friend A. No matter how busy you are or how busy you think you are, try making time to have lunch with good friends. An hour may not be enough to catch up on each other’s news, but it will be an hour well-spent. And that one hour is better […] Read more…