Never Grey – A Short Story

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Never Grey

Philip and Trista are all grown up. We never thought Philip would get over his shyness, and look at him dazzle the ladies now. Trista has always been the more outgoing twin, and here she is all sparkles as she welcomes the guests in.

One hand of yours is on the small of my back as you guide me through faces and friends. Tight embraces are exchanged and no air kisses. This is how we wanted it to be. Read more…

My 5 Dream Homes on Property24

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Can you imagine having breakfast here? I sure can. Bring on the fresh fruits! And bacon! And morning cocktails!

I signed up for Property24 to indulge in one of my favorite online activities: house-hunting. These are homes in the Philippines so, who knows, perhaps my dreams will become even closer to reality. *kilig* Without further ado, here are my Top 5 Dream Homes from the site, from BGC to the beach!  Read more…

Unspoken – A Short Story

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He rarely smiled because he was too busy thinking, planning, working. When she introduced him to the rare Sunday breeze, popcorn fights and walking aimlessly, he began to smile more often. She had slowly shed off the tough shell he always donned, eased his mind from the clock’s ticking. He discovered a bounce in his step, and that his belly could really hurt from laughing. He wanted to keep her, his little cheerleader. He just wondered if he has done anything for her the way she has done for him. He wondered if her warmth emanated from her lips as well. He badly wanted to taste the sunshine on her mouth. Read more…

What My Son Taught Me This Weekend

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There’s a lot you can learn from kids. This weekend, all I wanted to do was hole up at home, stay on the couch and veg out. It was a long, tiring week and I just wanted to zone out. My 6-year-old had other plans though, and he made sure I was with him for the ride. Here are just a few life lessons I got from my little one this weekend. Read more…

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