How to create an inspiring workspace

How to create an inspiring workspace is easier than you think! Never mind the drab white table, steel dividers and grey accents. You can put some personality and a happy vibe wherever you work! Here's how my workspace looks like: I have … [Continue reading]

Popsicle Stick Pairing: Improving fine motor skills

Popsicle Stick Pairing is a fun game to help your child improve his fine motor skills. Timmy needs a little help with his grip, so this was an activity we enjoyed for a little while. He got tired of it pretty quickly, but it might work for you and … [Continue reading]

Ground and Center: What keeps you grounded?

"Ground and center." How do you cope when things begin to be overwhelming? What do you do when you feel your temper rising? How do you deal when you're beginning to sense that stress is about to overtake you? You center yourself. You keep … [Continue reading]

Sugar Lily Cupcakes: Spreading the Sweetness

Sugar Lily Cupcakes are awesome! I'm a big fan of cupcakes, and it's been awhile since I've tasted a really good one. I liked the Choco Yema cupcake from my previous blog entry, but truthfully, a really good chocolate cupcake is hard to find. Tetet … [Continue reading]

Beautiful things don’t ask for attention

This reminds me of blogging, and of the gems you find in the blogging world. When you write out of love, when you write from your essence, the world will take notice. Attention will come naturally, but more importantly, your message is heard. … [Continue reading]