Who’s in Nuffnang

Nuffnang has been an awesome blogging community. I've been with them for years now, and was humbled to be part of this awesome ad they made a year ago! Who's in Nuffnang? My son was only a little over two years old here! Awww. This was also … [Continue reading]

Kids say the darndest things

Kids say the darndest things. It was bedtime. The lights were out. Timmy had his head on my tummy and was pinching my tummy skin lovingly. "Mommy tummy pweedoh," he said in the dark. "Guido?," I asked, wondering if he was talking about one of … [Continue reading]

Marriage quote on being strong when the other is weak

This marriage quote hit close to home. Be strong for each other. c/o Pinterest My husband and I say that to each other when faced with moments of weakness. "Please be my rock!," one of us would say to the other, before one would open … [Continue reading]

Yema Cake from Panaderia Pantoja

You say "Yema Cake" and I say "Yummmmmmy!". When I was a kid, I remember indulging in little pyramids of yema sold at our school canteen. Yema is a custard candy made from condensed milk and egg yolks. Some versions have crushed peanuts and butter. … [Continue reading]

Orange Honey: Adding a citrus kick to sweetness

Orange honey. Who would've thought we'd like it? I asked my husband to buy some honey from the store one time. So he did. When I was preparing my regular bowl of oatmeal, I reached for the honey and was surprised to see it with an orange cap. … [Continue reading]