Loving Osaka: A Glimpse of our Visit

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Flowers all a-bloom on one of the streets. They were contained in a small area but were bursting with pretty blooms.

Osaka. Last week, my colleagues and I had the chance to visit Osaka. I’ve never been to Japan, but the moment I got off the plane I fell in love with the country. Call it love at first sight. Everything was so orderly. Everyone so polite. We were in Osaka for a few days. Here are some of the pictures from our trip! Read more…

2015 FLEX, ALC, LEAP Schedules

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My LEAP Batch: LEAP 61 Wholehearted

Ready to embrace your greatness this 2015? Here is the calendar for a series of workshops I took part of last year that have made a significant impact on my life. You can take the journey a workshop at a time. I highly encourage you to take all three workshops — it’s an amazing experience that will make you feel more empowered, inspired, overall — a greater you. Read more…

Lessons from our First Home

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Not the stairs!

The first time I saw the apartment that was about to be our first home, I remember feeling tentative. My husband and I were about to get married, and we were looking for places we could settle into after the wedding. I recall looking through a variety of homes — townhomes, apartments, condos, and nothing seemed quite right. Read more…

Christmas for One (A Short Story)

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Christmas for One

The snow is falling quietly outside. I gaze out the frosted window and see nothing but white and the deep blue evening. (It is Christmas eve.)

A small fire lights my cottage, my only source of warmth as well. This winter is cold, too cold. A shiver passes through me as I take a seat by the fire. (No memories keep me warm.) Read more…

Lessons from Mom That I Have Kept to Heart

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This captures my Mama perfectly.

We all have Mommy-isms. Sometimes we don’t understand why she even tells us these things until much later in life when we go “Oh so that’s what she meant.”

“Your talent is God’s gift! [If you don’t use it] it’s like being given a treasure and you’re just burying it!” I was in 6th grade when I passed a test for acceleration (skipping a grade), but had second thoughts of going to highschool a year early. Why? My friends were going to be left behind! I told my Mom I didn’t want to skip a grade because I’d miss my friends and she got really mad, of course. Understandable. I’m really happy I did get to highschool early. I don’t even know where those 6th grade friends are now. I cherish this Mama-ism as it keeps me from bottling up my ideas and has taught me to share them. Read more…

Begin Again: Thoughts on the Movie

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One my favorite movies this year.

Begin Again is a musical comedy-drama starring Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo. Keira Knightley plays a singer-songwriter who is discovered by a down and out record label executive (Mark Ruffalo). They collaborate to produce an album in an unconventional yet authentic way. Here’s why I loved the film! Read more…

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