Ginger Fried Rice – A Story In A Recipe

"Ginger fried rice," I muttered to myself. It was one of those moments when everything seemed bleak and grey. I was pushing my cart in the middle of the supermarket when I mumbled those words to myself. My heart was feeling a bit empty that day, … [Continue reading]

2 Things I Learned from Playdough and my Son

Playing with Playdough and my son has taught me two things: Slow down. Enjoy the moment. They're simple things to learn, but pretty hard to do. But when you do get to do them, the playful yet peaceful feeling is incomparable. … [Continue reading]

On a Blissmakerie high!

#Blissmakerie2014 was a private holiday gathering last weekend, thrown by the ever so loving and blissful Martine de Luna of Make It Blissful. It was a cozy afternoon of delicious eats, surprise blissful treats and connecting with old and new … [Continue reading]

Christmas at Power Plant Mall

Power Plant Mall at Rockwell is one of our favorite hangouts. We look forward to their Christmas displays every year! My little boy is especially fond of the Christmas animals. We were able to take some pictures the last time we were there. Look at … [Continue reading]

Four Eyes: What I loved about this online optical store

FOUR EYES. I recall that used to be one nickname I had growing up. I've been wearing eyeglasses since I was 10, so glasses have been a huge part of my life. Buying eyeglasses can get tedious, but I've found myself a solution to making the process … [Continue reading]