Choco Yema Cupcake from SLICE

There are a lot of cupcake shops out there, but I'm discovering that I'm slowly liking cupcakes in one place more than others. Heehee. SLICE is a restaurant that serves full meals and yummy desserts, but so far what I've tasted are the cupcakes and … [Continue reading]

Play with the Sun

"Mommy, look!" One of the beautiful things about having a child at home is you're reminded to look at life with wonder. The afternoon sun was lighting up one part of the house. The orange floor was lit up by the sun's rays and I … [Continue reading]

The Beauty of Surrender

This first appeared on Make It Blissful. Sharing it with the Wifely Steps community too. :) Control is present in our days more than we think. There‚Äôs the to-do list, a calendar of activities, even the clothes laid out the night before. … [Continue reading]

Love leads the way (A Birthday Post)

I turn 37 today. I have a pimple (my body thinks it's 16). I haven't reached many of my dreams yet (I can keep on enjoying the journey towards these dreams). I have several work meetings on my birthday (more opportunities to nurture greatness). I … [Continue reading]

Meadow Kids Toy Reviews: Animal Pocket Chart and Train Pop and Play

Meadow Kids is an international toy brand from the UK. I was sent two toys to try with my little boy. Thank you, Meadow Kids! Meadow Kids produces key stage 1 toys and books with a focus on "learn and play". Their product range includes bath time … [Continue reading]