Summer Goddess (A Short Story)

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Summer Goddess

Jamie sped through the streets, imagining she had fairy wings. It changed to wings of fire, then later shifted to angel’s wings. Whatever her wings were made of, they made her speed through the neighborhood’s streets faster and faster.

She was a goddess in flight.
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Condo Cleaning: Home Clean Home

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Condo Cleaning By Home Clean Home

When my husband and I used to live in a condo, one of my big concerns was cleaning. I struggle with dusting and mopping and all — I’d take washing a whole pile of dishes ANY DAY over scrubbing floors. So our condo was a little dusty and occasionally clean. Haha. A friend of mine recently put up up this Condo Cleaning service — it’s called Home Clean Home. Loving the name AND the services! Read more…

Super Easy Chili Cream Cheese Dip

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Chili Cream Cheese

This looks kinda weird but I promise you ¬†— it’s good!!! Simply get a block of cream cheese (or in our case as seen in the pic above, half a block), then drizzle with sweet chili sauce. That’s it.¬†Serve it with a pack of chips and ta-da, you’re done. Simply use the chips to “scrape” […] Read more…

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