Raising a Compassionate Child

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Raising a compassionate child

I worked from home a few weeks ago because my son was sick. That morning, while I was on my laptop, my 5-year-old suddenly sprang up from the couch and began running. “Where are you going?!,” I asked, worried. “To the kitchen!,” he replied. “I’m going to make Mommy coffee!” And HE was the sick one!

I look at Timmy and wonder, “What have we been doing that made him so compassionate?” Several things come to mind on how to raise a compassionate child. Read more…

Where have all the best friends gone (A Short Story)

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I hate it when I lose my best friends to their boyfriends.

The Best friend #1 Case. I was sitting at the coffee shop waiting for her. She’s usually ten minutes late, but when half an hour passed by without a text from her I knew something was up. “I’m at the nook. Where are you?,” I texted. It took twenty minutes before I got a reply. “So sorry. Am with James. Resched?” Well. My coffee was cold, my stories were old and I was all by my lonesome on a Sunday morning. “OK,” I texted back.

Maybe I should get new friends. Read more…

Roasted Yellow Bell Peppers Recipe

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Roasted yellow bell peppers are so good. You can have them as appetizers to a meal, simply snack on them or stir them into a vegetable dish for a boost of sweetness. Don’t have an oven for roasting? No worries! You can use a toaster oven to roast bell peppers too! Here’s how we roasted yellow bell peppers. Read more…

Hosting the Archangels

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Hosting the Archangels

Hosting the archangels. It sounds a little surreal, but it’s been one of the most enlightening experiences I’ve had this year. It involves opening your home to the archangels, inviting them to be part of your home (and your life) for 5 days, then sending them off to three people at the end of their stay. It’s a Pay It Forward kind of chain. I accepted my friend’s offer of hosting the archangels because a) I believe in angels, b) I welcome goodness into our home and c) I was curious! Here’s what my experience of hosting the archangels was like. Read more…

All I can do is love him more today

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All I can do is love him more today

I wrote this 4 years ago, when I gave out the writing prompt: “Write about the fear of losing a loved one.” This is what came out. A piece for my husband. While it was written many years ago, what it contains still holds true. We don’t like talking about death, my husband and I. It scares us both. But in re-reading this piece I am reminded of something more powerful than fear — love.  Read more…

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