Knorr Bubble Blowing


Knorr bubble blowing was a competition among me and my sisters when we were small. After my Mom would use the Knorr bottle (Knorr Liquid Seasoning), she’d put it on the table and ta-da! A bubble would form on the spout. My sisters and I would rush towards the bottle and see who would blow out the bubble first.

It sounds pretty inane, but I remember a lot of fun (and fights) revolving around that Knorr bubble blowing.

My Mom shared that there came a point that she would just tap the bottom of the Knorr bottle gently on the table, just so a bubble would come out. Then my sisters and I would rush forward to go see who’d be first to blow out the bubble again.

Ah, sisterhood.

So recently I was putting Knorr on my food and Timmy was beside me. I showed him the little trick. He too was amused by the bubble and wanted to blow it!

Knorr bubble
Poof Proof!

Knorr bubble blowing cuteness ensues.

It’s amazing what stories you connect with random products in the pantry. I see a Knorr bottle and it’s the Knorr bubble blowing among my sisters that I remember. Really fun memories. My son gets a kick out of it now too.

Just another random family moment. :)

What fun stories do you have inspired by random products at home? Did you blow the bubbles from the Knorr spout too?

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    • Toni
      February 25, 2014 at 2:13 pm (10 years ago)

      Totally. :)


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