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“It takes a village to raise a child” goes the famous proverb. I can attest to that! Timmy has been raised by all members of our family – from parents to grandparents to aunts. As the years fly by, he’s becoming more and more curious. There are a bunch of things he’d like to learn more about, which require answers not only from me and my husband, but from grandparents to his aunts too. We often turn to the internet for ideas on how to entertain him. Right now, we’re big fans of YouTube videos of kids playing ukuleles. PLDT Home DSL has been talking “family-sized connections” in their advertising, and boy, it’s true for our family.

Their recent ad is quite charming. Watch it below and tell me how smitten you are by Diego!


My husband’s friend told the story of his young son asking him one morning, “Dad, what’s a MILF?” The father gulped and asked his son, “Where did you learn that? Where did you read that?!” The son goes, “There in the newspaper. MILF war in Mindanao. What’s a MILF?” Ah, kids. :)

It’s real and charming how kids will suddenly pop random questions at you when you least expect it. That’s just how kids really are! They’re naturally curious with all those questions. My younger cousin asked me once, “How are babies made?” Eep. She was no older than eight years old, I believe.

So when little Diego asks “How do I get a girlfriend?”, I can understand why the family goes agog. Or kilig. Or a little worried. Man, if Timmy asked me that question I’d probably start bawling on the inside. I know I’ll be faced with those kinds of questions soon though! And I’m sure my family will back me up.

It was cute that Diego had his own “Ask Diego” page. It reminded me of this cartoon I saw a few years back:

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Haha! That’s how OUR kids are now! Super smart with their gadgets and super smart with how they use the internet. It’s not just for playing games anymore! The Ask Diego Fan Page though, where 7-year-old Diego gives online advice with the help of his Dad, Mom and big sister, is cute because it’s fueled by family connections. You see each member of the family on their own gadgets, helping the little boy out. That’s limitless family sharing – activity-wise, connection-wise.

Check out the Ask Diego page over at Maybe I’ll ask him about a question or two this week. :)

With PLDT Home DSL’s strong, reliable, family-sized connection your family enjoys limitless sharing.

  • One connection for the entire family, no need for separate ways to connect
  • One connection that powers multiple devices – desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones
  • One connection for simultaneous use – enjoy the internet all at the same time – a connection so strong it’s meant to be shared.

That is how a Family-Sized broadband connection for the home should be. It should allow your family to enjoy limitless sharing. :)

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