Christmas-themed ice cream


Do you:
a) like ice cream?
b) like Christmas-themed foods?
c) like Christmas-themed ice cream flavors?

If you answered “c” I’ve got just the two ice cream flavors for you. I’ve been an advocate of Sebastian’s for awhile now. They’ve got really awesome and innovative ice cream flavors. It was no surprise then when they announced they had some holiday-themed ice cream concoctions. Bring ’em on!

Christmas Ice Cream Flavors from Sebastian's

My family and I tried two of the four holiday treats: Quezo de Bola Ice Cream and Eggnog.

Sebastian’s Quezo de Bola Ice Cream is a creamy cheese ice cream garnished with Marca Pina Edam cheese. Marca Pina is one of the most well-established cheese brands in the country. I really enjoyed the sharpness of this ice cream. There are other cheese-flavored ice creams in the market, but true to its Quezo de Bola roots this one has a little edgier taste. I wish they served it with actual shavings and chunks of Quezo de Bola though.

I have never tried eggnog so don’t really know what it tastes like. Eggnog ice cream, a special limited edition holiday flavor from Sebastian’s, piqued my curiosity. It was very creamy and reminded me of fruitcake. Ah, it must’ve been the brandy and the rum then that made this dessert so Christmasy. This ice cream is made with fresh eggs, brandy, rum and nutmeg. Cheers, cheers, cheers!

The Hazelnut Truffle in the picture is not a holiday flavor, but my sister ordered it anyway. Hey, what’s Christmas without chocolate right?

Two other limited edition holiday ice cream flavors that Sebastian’s introduced are Frozen Food for the Gods (with date bar chunks and walnuts) and Puto Bumbong, their first ever kakanin ice cream. I’ll try both when the holiday rush at the malls has died down. I just hope there’ll still be some ice cream left to spare for this customer!

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