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Stories beyond the beach cottage

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Know what you want and pursue it wholeheartedly.

It’s been quiet on the blog. I feel like it’s a deserted vacation home! There’s a film of dust on the patio furniture and the bedrooms have to be aired out. But I’ve got my weekend bag with me, and I’m here to liven up this little beach cottage. Let me tell you what I’ve been up to the past weeks! Imagine us catching up over a spread of lightly toasted goat cheese on slices of toasted bread (a snack I’ve been craving for several days now). We’ve got free-flowing tea and orange juice to quench your toast. We’ll save the wine for later. 😉 Read more…

A To-Do List Surprise

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Keep calm and smile, Mommy!

I have this notebook full of to-do lists — the grocery list, the day’s running expenses, documents I have to complete for work. It’s quite a stressful notebook, you might say. So imagine my surprise when I was about to write a fresh to-do list one morning and found this cute little image when I flipped a page. Read more…

Missing Out on Playtime

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Yesterday I spent the day at home, down with cough, colds, a migraine and a slight fever. It really sucked. The frustrating part wasn’t the incessant coughing, the frequent blowing of the nose, the need to sleep every 10 minutes or the annoying piercing pain in the head. I can handle all those with some medicine, a dark room and sleep. What was most frustrating was being at home with my son and not getting to play with him at all. Read more…

Lessons from Mom That I Have Kept to Heart

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This captures my Mama perfectly.

We all have Mommy-isms. Sometimes we don’t understand why she even tells us these things until much later in life when we go “Oh so that’s what she meant.”

“Your talent is God’s gift! [If you don’t use it] it’s like being given a treasure and you’re just burying it!” I was in 6th grade when I passed a test for acceleration (skipping a grade), but had second thoughts of going to highschool a year early. Why? My friends were going to be left behind! I told my Mom I didn’t want to skip a grade because I’d miss my friends and she got really mad, of course. Understandable. I’m really happy I did get to highschool early. I don’t even know where those 6th grade friends are now. I cherish this Mama-ism as it keeps me from bottling up my ideas and has taught me to share them. Read more…

4 Rules to Bringing Work Home

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Bringing Work Home

There are times when I have to bring my work home. I’ve been trying to cut down on that, to spend more quality time with the family, and have been successful. Whew. I understand that there will be times that when you just have to bring home a bunch of papers to review or answer e-mail. I also acknowledge your desire to find that balance of family time when at home! So for those moments when you can’t help but bring work home home, here are some tips and techniques that have worked for me.
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