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i carry you in my heart

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I cannot begin to define the love I have for my parents. I will give it a try. My parents are not perfect. They don’t have a perfect marriage, perfect careers, perfect personalities but to me their differences compliment each other, they have made the best career choices for themselves — growing within their careers […] Read more…

Wedding Note Cards

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A tip for those who are planning their weddings. We didn’t have a guestbook during our wedding. Instead, my sisters placed pens and notecards on each of the guests’ tables during the reception. Each notecard is the size of a calling card with different borders for a fun feel. Our host (my best friend) encouraged […] Read more…

My Wedding Story

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This is a journal entry I wrote a couple of days after my wedding day. I’m posting it ahead of the 24th as I won’t be online till after that day. 😉 Have a great weekend everyone! ~*~*~*~ The Night BeforeOnce an AE (account executive), always an AE. Same with being a planner. Up till […] Read more…

The first of many more to come :)

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One year ago today, I was dressed in a flowing white gown and he in a barong tagalog. I carried a bouquet of pink and orange gerberas and a wide smile on my face. He wore a nervous grin on his face and beads of sweat decorated his forehead. I walked down the aisle to […] Read more…

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