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K5 Learning Review

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K5 Learning approached me last month and asked if we could try out their learning program for six weeks, after which I could write an honest review about it. It was a great idea, as Timmy had just started his summer vacation too. K5 Learning has an online reading and math program for kindergarten to […] Read more…

Fun with felt

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Upon seeing this little felt learning pack at National Bookstore, I knew my son was going to enjoy it! You could rearrange and stick felt pieces on the felt board to create different fun scenes. Timmy got on it right away, peeling off the felt pieces gently. Then he eagerly placed the pieces back on […] Read more…

Catch That Fish Game

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Did you play this “catch that fish” game when you were a kid? I recall having this toy when I was younger. The fish would have magnets inside their mouths. As their “pond” would rotate, the fish would go up and down, their mouths opening and closing. The objective was to catch the fish with […] Read more…

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