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Blissmakers Tea Time at La Creperie, New Manila

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{Blissmakers Tea Time: My favorite corner that afternoon} Make it Blissful, formerly known as Dainty Mom, is the blog of Martine. She recently rebranded it to expand the range of inspiration. From a personal blog on motherhood, it now is an online community for inspired, meaningful living. Blissmakers of Make It Blissful came together a […] Read more…

Who’s in Nuffnang

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Nuffnang has been an awesome blogging community. I’ve been with them for years now, and was humbled to be part of this awesome ad they made a year ago! Who’s in Nuffnang? My son was only a little over two years old here! Awww. This was also the time I was still working from home. […] Read more…

Delurking Day!

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It’s Delurking Day on the blog! If you’re reading this, you must leave a comment! A simple hello or a meow would do. But if you’ve got a story to tell, we welcome that too! Come on and reveal yourself! I’d love to get to know who’s reading this right now. Here’s a cup of […] Read more…

Giveaway: 7 codes to Wee Kids Compilation 2

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Wee Kids Compilation 2 is a fun app for pre-schoolers. If you’re letting your kids play with your cell phone (like I do!), might as well introduce them to a playful and educational app, right? This children’s games collection is fun, teaching kids logical thinking, memory, observation, shape recognition, language and mathematical skills. Count ’em, […] Read more…

Monsters Mixer: Cool app for Halloween!

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Monsters Mixer is a fun app especially for you to enjoy this Halloween! Boo! Build your own fun or freaky monster by mixing ingredients into a Monsters Mixer. I took some screencaps of the app while my son and I were playing with it: Boo! Make a Monster in the Mixer! Aside from personalizing your […] Read more…

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