Two of Everything


Back in my parents’ house, we didn’t usually run out of stock in the kitchen or in the bathroom cabinet. There was always enough toilet paper, toothpaste, milk, junk food, whatever. It’s my Mom’s philosophy to have at least two of everything at home, for everyone’s convenience.

I’ve started applying that practice in my new home. Two of everything. Toilet paper seems to be the fastest thing that goes so every grocery trip means a purchase of Joy bathroom tissue. There was one time we ran out of Head & Shoulders for H, and he won’t use any other brand but that. Thanks to “2 of Everything,” we had a spare Head & Shoulders on our bathroom shelf. It saves a lot of headache and unnecessary whining.

Of course, when you’re trying out a new brand, this practice shouldn’t apply. And you have to keep track of what you have on stock. I lost track of my sardines stock, and now I have at least 6 cans of it in the cupboard. Eep! No sardine shopping in the next couple of months for us.

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