Dead Poets Society: All-time Favorite


Knox Overstreet


Dead Poets Society is by far the best movie I’ve seen.

I’m not basing my decision on technical stuff like cinematography, direction, or even acting. I’m basing it on the context within which I saw the film. I was in high school, just like the main characters in the film. I was a bit lost, just like the main characters. I wanted to do so many things but didn’t know how, just like them. To conform or to stand out was a running theme during my time in high school, just like in the movie.

I guess it’s the best movie ever for me because it stayed with me. I carried this quotable quote with me many, many years after I saw the film. I look back (sometimes re-watch) the film when I need a little boost.

Carpe diem. Sieze the day.

My seventeen-year-old self felt like everything was possible after seeing that film.


What’s the best movie you’ve ever seen? What movie has stayed with you through the years? Have you seen Dead Poets Society? :)

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