Tastes like hotdog…no, tastes like cheese… no…


Magnolia is selling this new product: hotdog-flavored cheese. They’re packed in a sausage-like shape (well, think of it as one giant chorizo), with the word “PROCESSED” even bigger than the Magnolia branding of the product.

#1, I don’t I think I’ll ever buy this because of how processed this food (?) is. Hotdogs are already scraps of leftover meat that are stuffed and shaped into one long log and sold to kids. And now they’re putting it in cheese?!

#2, I’m glad the producers are truthful by placing “PROCESSED” on the wrapper– in fact, it’s the first word I saw once I got attracted to the chorizo-shaped packaging. But it’s also the first thing that makes me cringe and put the product back on the shelf and head on my way to the yogurt section.

Okay, I’ll admit I do eat hotdogs. In fact, I love cheesedogs. But this hotdog-flavored cheese just grossed me out. *shivers* To each his own!

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