Slappy Cakes: An All Day Breakfast Spot for the Family


Slappy Cakes – make your own pancakes right at your table! Doesn’t that sound intriguing already? My family and I were intrigued enough. “Let’s try something new!,” my husband said one weekend. I’ve seen Slappy Cakes in some of my friends’ blogs, so while we were in Eastwood, off we went to Slappy Cakes. It was a fun experience!

Slappy Cakes

Slappy Cakes is at the Ground Floor of the (new) Eastwood Mall in Quezon City. The interiors are very welcoming and the staff is very warm. They answered all our questions and made sure we were comfortable. Service was pretty quick too! Here’s a quick shot of one of their menu pages:

Slappy Cakes Philippines Menu
How do you like your Slappy Cakes?

Our Slappy Cakes Experience

To get started, you choose a batter, fixins and toppings. Fixins and toppings can be sweet (like Nutella) or savory (bacon!). One serving of batter is good for up to 5-6 pancakes. We opted for the Whole Grain batter (I would’ve chosen Buttermilk but my health buff husband chose the healthier batter for us), blueberries & bananas for the fixins, and bacon for the toppings. You see maple syrup on the menu, but actually they can give it to you for free, so it doesn’t really count. Choose other toppings instead!

Slappy Cakes Fixins
Let’s get started please!

There’s a griddle built into each table, and this is where you get to cook your pancakes. We had a lot of fun cooking and flipping and best of all, eating our pancake creations. Another observation? That Whole Grain batter wasn’t half-bad at all! Good call, Husby!

Slappy Cakes How To
Flippin’ for Slappy Cakes

We got to prepare about 8-9 mini pancakes from one bottle of batter. We ordered other dishes aside from the pancakes, and they were yummy!

Slappy Cakes
Left: Classic Breakfast. Two eggs, breakfast potatoes, bacon and sourdough bread.
Right: Southern Fried Chicken. Chicken fingers with special spices, potatoes and sausage gravy.

We ordered the fried chicken fingers for Timmy, who enjoyed this dish a lot! He loves his rice though, so we ordered extra rice. 😀 This was a very generous serving so I shared in the dish. It was sooooo delicious. The chicken fingers were cooked just right and that sausage gravy was scrumptiously evil! Arrrgggh. It was an extra indulgence I could not resist.

Slappy Cakes Pancake
Where’d the bacon go? I used it as a fixin, not a topping. 😉

Will we come back to Slappy Cakes? Of course! We can’t wait to try other combinations. While we can have pancakes at home, it’s really the experience we enjoyed. Cooking pancakes face-to-face, swatting one another’s hands to make room for more pancakes, and I gotta admit, those Southern Fried Chicken fingers… we’re definitely returning. I’m hoping our next Slappy Cakes experience will be just as fun!

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