Red Mango Upsize Wednesdays: Love!


Red Mango Upsize Wednesdays is one part of the week I look forward to. It’s exactly what it describes: You get a free upsize on your frozen yogurt order at Red Mango during Wednesdays. Woohoo!

There’s a Red Mango branch near our office so it’s the PERFECT picker upper on the hump day of the week. Here’s what I ordered last week:

Red Mango Upsize Wednesdays
Can you guess what this is?

Red Mango Upsize Wednesdays Love

My usual order is Green Tea yogurt with Dezato Mochi, red beans and Oreo crumbs. So yummy! Since there’s a free upsize, I get a small order and it’s upsized to a Medium order, at the cost of the small one.

Small Order of Green Tea Yogurt = Php 90.00
3 Toppings = Php 50.00
Total: Php 140.00

At that price I get a serving at Medium size. Good deal!

If the place is not crowded, my officemates and I take a break and enjoy our frozen yogurts at the store. But if there aren’t any seats, we just grab our upsized frozen yogurt orders and walk back to the office. The walk to Red Mango is a welcome break, the upsized orders an even more welcome highlight to the hump day of the week.

Have you tried Red Mango Upsize Wednesdays yet?

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