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Dalawang beses nahulog panty ko nung isang gabi.*

I decided to go home early last Tuesday because I was feeling bad (emotionally) at work. I was home around 7:30-ish. Ha! I immediately flopped down on the couch and turned the TV on. Lo and behold, it was my long-time crush on TV, my one and only Tom Welling. I had forgotten about Smallville. It had lost its novelty on me after the first season, though Tom Welling still carried a special place in my heart. So there I was just staring at the TV screen, swooning over Tom Welling. Nevermind if the plot was wishy-washy. He had a semi-love scene (make-out scene in their underwear) with another “mutant” girl so woohoo! I just love big strong arms (as long as they’re not Schwarzenegger-ish).

Commercial break! So I channel-surfed again and woah, Ally McBeal on Channel 9. Ally had gotten on my nerves after two or three seasons (she’s bordering on pathetic). It was a rerun, and was the 1st episode wherein my other love, James Marsden, appeared. (That’s Cyclops of X-Men the movie to you who don’t know who he is).

Babe heaven! I switched from Ch 9 to Ch 23 to fulfill my hunk quota factor. They both have something in common — they’re pretty boys (but not lady-like in their beauty, like, hmmm, let’s say, LEGOLAS, who I really don’t like that much.) They both have dark brown hair and piercing blue eyes. [insert swooning Toni here]

When H came home, I immediately went into my schoolgirl crush mode, telling him exactly every detail of why they made me swoon. He just shook his head, laughed and was amused with my very highschoolish way of crushing on these guys.

Sigh! They are so handsome. I will make it a point to come home early on Tuesdays. Never mind the workload. I’ll never run out of work. But my Tom Welling factor? James Marsden? That only comes once a week.

Maybe I should make Tom my love my desktop wallpaper? And James as my screensaver?

Sigh. Too bad they’re married. Oh wait. So am I. Hahaha. I lust and love them both!

* “My panties fell twice the other night.” Heehee. It’s a Filipino expression for a certain kind of attraction.

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