Lemon Butter for Afternoon Tea

Afternoon teas are made of these! My Saturday afternoon tea was made of English breakfast, Prima Toast, and lemon butter.

Tea Lemon
Saturday Comfort: Lemon Butter Toast and a Cup of Tea

First I got hooked on fig butter, and now there’s lemon butter! That was the star of this afternoon tea.

Lemon Butter Love: A Creamy, Tangy Experience

My Mom came upon this spread at the Ever Supermarket. She discovered it went really well with Prima Toast. She was right! It was yummy.

The brand is Masterfoods from Australia. It’s made of butter, lemon juice and eggs. The result is a smooth, creamy texture that spreads well on toast. It’s got that lemony kick I love. I find it a little too sweet for my taste though, so I use this lemon butter in moderation.

Masterfoods Lemon Butter. Prima Toast. Tea. Yummy afternoon ingredients.

I think this butter will also be good on tarts. I don’t bake though, so I’ll only be partnering this with toast. No complaints here!

Have you tried lemon butter before? Share your recipes!


  1. I want! But your tea bag/pyramid/thingie distracted me. How cute!

  2. Wow prima! That brought back childhood thoughts. Lemon butter is good!

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