Kimy Playstix Adventure Zone: Great for increasing your kids’ attention span!


When you’ve got a super active 3-year-old, 10 minutes of sitting still is a much needed respite — for Mommy. Haha 😀 Even if my son is watching Toy Story or Kung Fu Panda, he runs around re-enacting scenes with his toys. I’ve been looking for ways to increase his attention span. We’ve achieved this with reading and Lego, but even more activities would be great. When I got a Kimy Playstix Pack surprise two weekends ago, I was thrilled!

Thanks #nestle! What was left from last week's Kimy Swirl surprise :)

Yummy yummy! First thing: these Nestle Kimy ice cream products are 100% free of artificial coloring and only use the recommended amount of sugar. I tried both the chocolate and strawberry ones — both were just the right level of sweetness for me. But wait, here’s what I really liked about the Kimy Swirl.

Strawberry Kimy Swirl. Was gone in a minute.

Check out the stick! It’s a “Playstix”. Instead of the usual wooden popsicle holder, each Kimy Swirl or Kimy Lava is served on this stick which you can collect to create lots of fun stuff. Which leads me back to my concern about lengthening my son’s attention span.

Timmy works the sticks from the Kimy Swirl pack.

You can put the Playstix together to form various objects. The see-saw base came with my pack (thanks Nestle!), and Timmy had a blast putting the sticks together! If you want to get a bunch of Playstix separate from the popsicles, go get a Kimy Playstix Pack. (Sorry guys, I forgot to take a pic of the box. Ms. Eggplant has a pic of it though!) Each pack comes with 2 Kimy Swirls, 3 Kimi Lavas and 10 Playstix. Since we had 2 packs, Timmy had a total of 20 Playstix plus the Playstix from the Kimy ice cream my sisters and I ate.

Voila! Stick art by Timmy.

The first time Timmy had the Playstix, he was glued to it for almost half an hour. 20 to 30 minutes just quietly putting stuff together while his imagination soared. Voila! Here’s Timmy’s Kimy Adventure Playstix creation.

We’ve played with the Playstix several times. I’d disassemble the toy and Timmy would come up another new creation. It’s a lot of fun. Thanks Nestle!

Learn more about New Kimy Playstix at their Facebook page:

Do you have tips and trips for increasing your child’s attention span? Please share!

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