I don’t like you anymore Dunkin Donuts!


I tried your Avocado Donut and I will not mince words: It sucks. It is an offense to avocados and avocado lovers everywhere!!! I am an avocado fanatic — avocado is my favorite ice cream yogurt flavor, and I can’t get enough of fresh avocados (never mind if it has a million calories in it). Your doughnut with avocado frosting was something else. It smelled funny, and tasted even funnier. It had a weird chemical taste to it, and an even more appalling aftertaste. Thank goodness I had a cup of coffee beside me to wash that first bite down. I took another bite, hoping that the first bite was just a fluke, but nooo. It was even worse than the first. That was the beginning of the end of my love affair with you.

To make up for that twice-bitten doughnut, I bought my favorite Dunkin’ Donut — strawberry filled. It is a classic. Well, it was a classic. The doughnut was full of air, for crying out loud, and there was not much strawberry filling at all. I remember the days when I’d bite into it and strawberry jelly would ooze out the sides, and I’d lick it joyously. But now, I had to get to the center of the doughnut to taste the strawberry jelly. It seemed that there was less than a teaspoon of jelly in it. I felt so cheated. You can’t call that a strawberry-filled doughnut.

This is the end of my love affair with Dunkin Donuts. I have been a loyal customer but now, I shall break my loyalty. You were our family doughnut!!! I will miss the days when my family and I would buy a dozen doughnuts and Munchkins from you. I remember when my sister fell on her face while munching on your strawberry-filled doughnut. There was jam all over her mouth, tears streaming down her cheeks, but your strawberry filled doughnut padded her fall, saving her teeth from breaking.

I am back on my quest for the best strawberry-filled doughnut. Good thing there’s Country Style, Mister Donuts and the new Gonuts Donuts that I have yet to try. Sadly, Dunkin Donuts, you will no longer be on my list. You have broken my heart. Adios.

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