How to relax using your toddler’s toys


A quiet cup of java in a coffee shop. A relaxing massage at a spa. A fabulous mani-pedi. These are three things that relax me completely, yet these are three things I have not done in ages. Does that mean I’m not relaxed? Hell, no! There are a bunch of things at home that have helped me achieve a zen kind of state. They can all be found in my toddler’s play area!

Achieve peace of mind with Play-doh.
Play dough peace of mind
Molding clay is so stress-relieving! Long after Timmy asks me to make animals, I’d still find myself creating little creatures with various clumps of Play-Doh. The act of molding, unmolding, rolling the dough between your palms and fingers, creating art (mostly abstract for me) –this gives me peace of mind indeed!

Block out stress with building blocks.
Build the tallest tower you can and knock it down! Then go and put the pieces together to build a tower again. Thanks to the little boy for re-teaching me this fun activity. It does help me relieve some stress!

Let your troubles float away with bubbles.
From dipping the bubble wand in soapy solution to blowing gently to release a stream of pretty bubbles, this exercise can’t help but make you smile. Dip, blow, smile. Repeat. Then watch the bubbles float around the room and up in the air, far far away from you. Let your troubles float away with them!

Catch your breath with children’s books.
Park those novels for adults and pick up an ABC book. Get lost in the colorful illustrations and simple rhymes. The short and sweet stories will calm you down and even help re-energize you.

Shoo stress away by shooting hoops.
Gather all your kids’ toy balls and shoot them one by one through the kiddie basketball hoop. (Added bonus: Your tot may even enjoy picking the balls up and handing them back to you!) This physical activity helps release tension. You can even sneak in a little exercise if you want to practice your court moves (if the play space is big enough, that is.)

Coffee shop breaks, salon and spa escapes? I still definitely look forward to those! But the home is filled with sources of relaxation too, the toddler’s play area being a haven for those after all. :) Which relaxation toy technique would you like to try?

4 Comments on How to relax using your toddler’s toys

  1. Jess
    September 9, 2012 at 6:55 am (11 years ago)

    This is a nice entry! I love playing with my kids’ toys. Playing with them is a great stress buster! I love my baby’s musical toy called Lullaby Teddy from Vtech. It plays nature sounds and nursery rhymes/classical tunes.:)
    Jess´s last blog post ..The search for the perfect baby wrap and all things organic

  2. Faye
    September 9, 2012 at 2:52 pm (11 years ago)

    definitely my kind of stress-relief activities too! cheap and yet very relaxing! 😀 play-doh is currently a big favorite too (just because like you, i’m great at building abstract things lol)


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