Honor your parents :)


That’s the 4th commandment right? Anyway, I honored my Dad last night in a wild, happy way: we gave him a surprise party! ‘Twas my idea, and it was perfect because everyone close to our family was present (even my in-laws and my sister’s boyfriend’s father!). As soon as he stepped into the dark house, we turned the lights on, yelled “Happy Birthday!!!”, and my sister’s band played the Happy Birthday song. The look on his face was unforgettable. He was mucho touched and he kept smiling and beaming all night. I’ve never given anyone a surprise birthday party before… well not one wherein I was the main party organizer. I was really happy because he looked like he had so much fun – he even sang with the band. Several of the guests went up to the band and sang along too. ‘Twas hilarious. And sometimes Daddy would sit down in one corner, bop his head to the music and just keep on smiling. He really didn’t expect this party.

My wifely step is this… do something special for your parents even if you’re already part of a couple-unit. I’ve been so focused on managing my own household now that I usually just visit the folks, hang with them, that’s it. I wanted to show my Dad how much people cared for him, hence a surprise birthday party. I’m proud to say that everyone we invited showed up. Hooray! He told my cousin it was his best birthday ever. It makes me happy that he’s happy. (And though he doesn’t read this blog, I’ll shout it out anyway, I love you Daddy! Happy birthday!)

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