Give a kid a camera and this is what you’ll get

Give a kid a camera and your perspective’s gonna change!

Give a kid a camera!
Gotcha, Mom!

My 3-year-old was taking an interest in my camera one evening. My knee-jerk reaction was to grab the camera from him for fear of him dropping it, but I went ahead and let him have a go at it anyway. I had to give him a chance. It was an awesome experience for both of us. Me, learning to trust him more and seeing the world from his eyes. Him, giggling at the new sights he could see through a lens. Here are some of his shots.

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  1. he seems to be a budding photographer ha! those are nice shots he got. good job, timmy!

    his birthday is coming up soon na di ba? so faaast!

  2. “In the eyes of a child” Nice shots….

  3. great photos you got there Timmy! keep em coming! :)

  4. Great shots! Good job, Timmy boy! In fairness, parang pang pro! I personally love the lego, animals, and gronckle photo. :)

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