I have to admit that I’m not always price-conscious about things, but I am budget-conscious. Ha! There’s a difference between those two, and you know it. I’m not the type of person who’d compare one product’s price with another, and choose the cheaper one. I’ve always chosen a product based on its quality. For example, I can never imagine myself using Surf, so I’m a Tide person. I can’t bring myself to use Lifebuoy, I’m a Safeguard and Dove person. Tried and tested always works better for me, but I’ll give new ones a chance. If I find something though that’s cheap AND has wonderful quality, that brand definitely has my loyalty. I found a great place that I think will have that loyalty.

Divisoria was a blast. My friends and I went there this weekend, and I only spent P2,700 (approximately US$50). I bought bags and bags of goodies! I was able to buy a thermos for only P60. The original price was P80 (which is already really cheap), but going to Divisoria means haggling is a given. The thermos is of really good quality, and it probably costs around P250 in malls. I bought 5 of them on the spot. Those will make perfect Christmas presents to my coffee-loving friends and those who travel, too. I bought H a really cool Hulk t-shirt for only P120 and a Hulk sando for only P100. Those cost probably more than 500 and 250 (respectively) in outside boutiques. Oh I bought a lot more than those, including wonderful shirts for yours truly. My BEST buy was a pair of jeans that fit sooooo well — it hugged my butt and legs perfectly, without the discomfort of having to worry about VSP (visible panty lines) or that they look too much like leggings already. All I have to do is have them altered because they’re too long (all pants are always too long for me since I’m only 5 feet tall). The jeans cost only P350.

I will now frequent Divisoria more often. Getting there is terrible; it’s far from where I live so think traffic jams galore, there’s not that much parking space (so it’s best if you have a driver), and the entrance to Divi Mall stinks. Plus, there are lots of pedicabs going around the place who don’t give a damn whether they run over your feet or not. There was one pedicab speeding towards MY SIDE OF THE ROAD. I think he was expecting that I’d move to the edge of the road (which was filled with stinky garbage.) I didn’t budge. I just kept on walking, ignoring the pedicab speeding towards me. When it was about six inches in front of me, it swerved to the right, its rightful place on the road. See? He was just psyching me out. When he saw that I didn’t budge, he just went his usual route. Sheesh. I think that driver was tripping on me because he thought I was just a city girl. Well, THIS city girl won’t take crap from anyone. My friends, who were walking behind me, shouted “OH MY GOD!” right before that stupid driver swerved back to his side of the road. You know what the driver did? He mimicked my friend and went, “Oh my god!” That’s when I knew he really was tripping on us. HA! If they think they can push us around just because we’re from the city, he thought wrong. Had he ran over my foot, I would’ve chased him down the street and probably threw stones at him. Anyway, I shared this with you because you really have to be super alert and streetsmart when you go there.

Despite that almost-squashed-by-a-pedicab experience, I’m still eager to go back to Divisoria Mall. I have lots more goodies to buy and lots more haggling to practice. :)

In other news, I got my period this week. So there is no baby girl yet. We’ll try again!

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