Christmas gift ideas: Candy canes in paper bags

Christmas gift ideas are abound on the net. If you’re looking for a sweet and twisted idea for a Christmas gift, you’ve come to the right place. I’m talking about CANDY CANES! (Sweet and twisted – get it? Heehee.) We thought of giving out candy canes to Timmy’s classmates to share the Christmas joy. Here’s how we put the presents together.

Christmas Gift Ideas
There are candy canes in there!

We spotted this box of 100 mini candy canes at Rustan’s. It cost P395.00. Each of Timmy’s classmates would get a handful (but not an extreme handful) so I snatched it up! I liked that they were also miniatures, so it wouldn’t be difficult to eat. Sometimes big candy canes can get cloying.

Christmas Gift Ideas: Candy Canes
Sweet and twisted: Candy Canes are love.

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  1. i might just ask for washi tapes for Christmas! LOL!

    glad to know these are available in Rustan’s! we’re planning to give this to the non-inaanaks during Christmas! heehee

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