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Two Ref Doors

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Two new ref doors! Check out Jey’s butterfly-decored ref door and see the many magnetic reasons why Yasmin can’t part with her own ref . Thanks for sharing those cute ref doors, girls! What does your refrigerator door look like? Take a pic of it and post it on your blog! Let me know when […] Read more…

The Ref Door Project Updates

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Better late than never! Also see: Jenee’s Ref Door Kay’s Ref Door Dang’s Ref Door (updated 06-16-06) Sprittibee’s Ref Door (updated 6-28-06) Jey’s Ref Door (updated 7-17-06) Yasmin’s Ref Door (updaed 7-17-06) Rachel’s Ref Door (updated 10-03-06) Siena’s Ref Door (updated 10-03-06) Xtianne’s Ref Door (updated 10-17-06) Petite’s Ref Door (updated 10-25-06) —> I will […] Read more…

The Ref Door Project: Update #2

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Welcome to the 2nd update of The Ref Door Project! For this week, we have 4 bloggers who have decided to let us take a peek into their kitchen. ~*~ When Omom got a new stainless steel refrigerator (which isn’t magnet-friendly), where did all her ref door trinkets go? Take a peek and maybe you’ll […] Read more…

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