Broccoli Snack Recipe Idea

This broccoli snack recipe is so easy to do! It’s yummy and a great substitute for junky snacks. ;) Come have a read or better yet, watch the recipe on video!

Broccoli Snack

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  1. Looks delicious nga! My kids actually love brocolli but I am on the lookout for new recipes and this looks like a good one! Thanks

  2. Nom nom nom! Vito loves broccoli, too! We have a similar recipe for carrots and cauliflower, too :) Love the bright green color of this one, and will be trying it soon!

    • Buti pa si Vito! Timmy abhors anything green so we’re still trying to look for techniques that’ll get him to eat more veggies. He finds that they look like trees amusing but that’s it!

  3. This looks really good Toni! Makes me even more excited to finally get an oven (crossing my fingers it’s gonna be soon). This dish is going to be first on my list!

  4. We love snacking on brocolli too! That’s Cyler favorite veggie. Try adding basil and rosemary, it gives more aroma and it makes the brocolli tastier and yummier! :)


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