Boracay calls


Taken in June 2003. Click to enlarge. Boracay has always been a magical place to me. Whenever I visit, I always vow to return. I enjoy having breakfast by the beach. Waking up to the gentle crashing of the waves is a beautiful way to welcome the morning. In the afternoons, I enjoy conversing with those who sell beaded anklets and necklaces. I also find time to have a coconut oil massage right there on the beach, where I can hear the waves and the breeze dance together. I never pass up the chance to grab a shake at Jonah’s. I cherish watching the sunset and seeing the birds and bats fly across the orange sky. I relish sitting in the sand, anticipating the big waves that refresh my sun-drenched skin. In the evenings, I look forward to eating barbecued hotdogs (P15 a stick — that’s around US$0.25) as I walk along the aisles of Talipapa (market). Having fresh seafood cooked any which way you want is a must-try! A restaurant called Honeybee’s is the way to go. I also enjoy exploring the different sand sculptures of the island’s children each night. They are marvelous artists and they light up their creations with candles. As midnight approaches, I choose to sit by the beach with a glass of wine or a bottle of beer in one hand while I gesture freely with the other, talking animatedly with friends. The morning welcomes me again with the sound of crashing waves and chirping birds.

Even though I haven’t even started my Boracay vacation, I already know I’m vowing to return. I’ve scratched my Boracay vacation wish off my wishlist. I’ll be there for a couple of days for some rest and rejuvenation. I promise to keep myself safe from the sun, feel the sea breeze on my face, eat well and have lots of fun. And now… surf’s up!

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