Animal Themed Birthday Surprise

An animal themed birthday spread wasn’t planned for my son’s birthday lunch, but all family members had the same idea. Our son loves animals so it was no big surprise when we put a birthday spread together for him that turned out to be animal themed!

But wait, the bigger news is this: Our son turned 4 years old a few days ago. FOUR YEARS OLD. He has officially graduated from the toddler years. I’m mighty proud and trying to fight Mommy tears at the same time. Timmy is 4 years old!

Animal Themed Birthday Cake
Mommy: “Timmy, how old are you now?”
Timmy: “Fow.”

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  1. aww!! That sounds like a great birthday party! Happy Birthday, Timmy <3

  2. Goldilocks Mocha Cakes Forever! And Pooh & Friends too! My my my… Maybe I should get one of those for myself one of these days… :D

  3. Awww so cute, belated happy birthday to your boy. :)

    Perhaps it’s time he had a playmate?
    But I know it is easier said than done or maybe not … that’s the fun part!
    *winks* :D

  4. Happy 4th Birthday Timmy!

  5. Belated happy 4th, Timmy! :)
    I’m sure you had a blast!

  6. Fun! Happy 4th birthday, Timmy! Your cakes looks awesome lalo na yung lion cake(me likey!)! Galing! Good job, tita and Mommy!

    May you grow with love and with God! Happy birthday again, Timmy! :)


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