Amazing Arugula


Arugula Dilemma

I bought a bag of fresh greens at Market! Market! last weekend. The greens were 50% arugula and 50% red lettuce. The salad-to-go looked really appetizing and hey, very convenient for a busy bee like me. I’ve seen this being used in cooking shows — the host would tear the bag open, pour the greens into a bowl, mix in some other salad stuff and ta-da! A mouth-watering salad. Now here’s the dilemma. I have tried arugula in the past and I loved its taste. Arugula has a bitter, peppery flavor to it. I’ve never tried making my own arugula salad ever, so this proved to be the perfect opportunity.

Day 1. I mixed in the arugula and red lettuce greens with hot & spicy tuna and some cucumbers. The result? Yummy. The problem was I had a LOT of leftover arugula. I couldn’t take the too-bitter taste.

Day 2. I figured out I had to put in some sweetness to the salad. I opened a can of Hunt’s Pork and Beans. Find it weird? HA! I love weird food combos. The result? Yummy. I still had a LOT of leftover arugula though. Phooey.

Day 3. My officemate celebrated her birthday and treated us to Pork BBQ, pancit, puto and bibingka. I have been freed of my arugula dilemma that day.

Day 4. I go on sick leave. H fixes me up a fantastic brunch of sausages and eggs, whole wheat bread with peanut butter and a glass of OJ. He even put on our Nature Sounds CD so there were birds chirping in the background while we were having brunch. Isn’t that the sweetest? Anyway, no arugula dilemma today!

Day 5 (today). I thought I was having a lunch meeting so I didn’t fix myself a salad. Turns out my meeting was cancelled so I guess I’ll have to settle for a purchase at the Food Court. No arugula dilemma.

So I still have half a bag of greens at home. I still have no idea what kind of combo to do this weekend. There was one restaurant (was it Pepato?) which served cranberry sauce with arugula. Mmmm. Sounds like a good idea doesn’t it? Think I’ll try that — if I find any cranberry sauce in the grocery!

The Amazing Race

Seriously, I was rooting for the Bowling Moms because they were Moms. They were the least physically fit of the Top 5 but look at how they finished all the obstacle courses! I was in awe when Karen finished the limestone cliff climb. My eyes teared up when they were kayaking towards Lagen Island and Linda was splashing Karen playfully with the sea water. I also loved it when Linda told Karen that it’s okay if she didn’t paddle anymore — Karen did use a lot of armpower to climb 150 feet. They embodied finesse, class, sincere support and sportsmanship. I love those Bowling Moms.

My friends and I got to thinking about our own Amazing Race partners. I initially chose E, my best friend. He’s well-traveled, diplomatic and we’re comfortable with each other’s quirks. After seeing the finale however, I realized that to travel such a great distance and share such beautiful experiences would be most meaningful if H were my partner. Nevermind if I feel I’d do most of the “eating” roadblocks (scrambled ostrich egg anyone?). I’m sure that as AR partners we’ll bicker a lot but a lot of love will be going around too. As we always tell each other, “I’ll be strong when you are weak. You’ll be my rock when I can’t go on further.” :)

Happy weekend, everyone!

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