A hair-raising (hair-flattening?) story


There’s a new Sunsilk in the grocery. It looked cool so I bought it. It’s called “Sunsilk NutriCare with Olea Nutrium.” I chose that because it’s the one that makes your hair extra soft and silky. (That’s what it said on the bottle anyway). I tried it and I loved it! I used to shampoo and conditioner with Pantene, but I think my hair was getting tired of that brand.

Good thing for this new Sunsilk. It’s really great. After one usage, my hair already felt softer, and for lack of a better term, was “flatter.” I have wavy short hair so you can imagine the mess I wake up to. (I look like Astroboy or Einstein) — but that’s not my point! My point is I always have to blowdry my hair because it’s always a mess. NOW, I don’t have to blowdry because my hair’s “flatter.” But since I go to work everyday and have meetings almost everyday, I have to blowdry it, and now my hair looks fabulous.

Of course, that’s all just me. It’s a lot better than my hair before. Yehey Sunsilk NutriCare! Even my husband likes it — not on me, on him! He uses it too!

Check it out. It’s the one in the pink bottle!

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