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Do you like pumpkin pie?

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The association is simple: Pumpkin = Squash Squash = Pinakbet Pinakbet = Ulam (viand) Therefore, pumpkin = ulam… and not dessert! My apprehension to try Pumpkin Pie for the first time could then be understandable I suppose. I grew up associating pumpkin puree as baby food or a delicious soup starter. But dessert? Not quite, […] Read more…

Shout-outs come in threes

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Shout-out #1: What’s Your Story? can now be found on http://www.storyfever.com. I’m still re-thinking the layout and fixing up some HTML stuff but the prompts are up and running. To those who’ve left their stories in the old URL, don’t worry, they were migrated properly to this new one. Thanks to Orble for the domain. […] Read more…

Smoked Salmon Appetizers

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This is one of the simplest appetizers to make and one of the most delicious! These were prepared by my Aunt and myself. I don’t know which was more fun — exchanging stories with my Aunt while preparing these babies, or consuming each appetizer with much gusto! Slice a baguette into diagonal pieces. Toast until […] Read more…

What’s your story?

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Yup, that’s my question. What’s your story? I started a new blog on writing prompts. I’ve long been wanting to do that, and finally made the time to put it together. Here’s an excerpt from the first entry: … “What’s Your Story?” is a blog on writing prompts. Sometimes inspiration strikes me anywhere, sometimes I […] Read more…

What’s on your desktop?

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The wonderful Mike Mina of Lafang tagged me for this interesting Desktop Meme. He says: This new tag / meme is kinda interesting as it calls for bloggers to show off their personalities to their readers (including fellow bloggers) through their computers’ desktop themes. This will show the world how organized (or disorganized) lot we […] Read more…

Berry Healthy Breakfast

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Quick and easy breakfast or snack fare. Wash the berries, mix in several cups of low-fat yogurt (we like strawberry!). Serve chilled. Would you like some? You can have a bowl of this if you can tell me what other fruits would be great to mix with low-fat yogurt! 😉 Read more…

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